Monday, October 3, 2011

Dreaming of dishcloths...well dreaming about knitting them

You might remember that I have a significant amount of Peaches & Cream yarn in my stash just begging to be made into dishcloths.

I told you I had a lot!!! (and I have multiples of several of them)

Historically, my dishcloths tend to be rather basic (boring may be a much better word to use).

With the vast amount of yarn I have to knit through, I'm thinking that it would be best to mix up my pattern selection so that I can keep trucking on with my stash knit-down project. So far, here are my favs from Ravelry:


Hopefully I will have an "On the needles" post for you by the end of the week showing the progress I've made so far (if wishing makes it so, of course!). What is your favorite dishcloth pattern to knit?