Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Off the bucket list

I have developed a love for woodcut prints over time and think that if I every, one day get to go back to school that I would pursue an art degree in printmaking. It is not just the prints that I'm drawn to, but the  woodcut blocks themselves. There is just so much artistry in them!!

In the meantime, as I enjoy my days as a stay at home mom, I would really like to use my free time to hone my skills as much as humanly possible. Since I already had the necessary supplies around the house to start a project. (scrap wood from my husband's first homebrew stand and cheapo student-grade wood carving tools) I decided to check this skill acquiring off my bucket list.

If you've taken a peek at my sketches before, this flower motif will be familiar to you.

I didn't quite get halfway through before a blister started to develop on my palm. The quality of your tools definitely matters!!!

Although I'm hoping to finish this up over the weekend, I've got some base boards in need of painting first!