Thursday, August 18, 2011

the kind of knitter i am vs who i would like to be....this week's creative space

I am one of those knitters who sees a project on Ravelry or hears about it on a podcast and then decides to make one myself. If I have a yarn in my stash for it then great, but if not, then I usually have enough $$ in my knitting budget to accommodate a purchase.

Unfortunately, this has left me with yarn that I have acquired through amazing sales or thrift stores piling up in the one storage bin that I allow myself for stash accumulation.

The time has come for this all to change. Instead of viewing the yarn housed in this bin as the yarn I'm "stuck with", I am going to (try to) view it as the yarn that I "get" to knit with for the rest of the year. My goal isn't so much to knit through all the yarn I have (because let's face it, it could take years for me to knit through the cones of peaches and creame yarn alone!) but to think differently about the yarn I aquire.

And so, my lovely little creative space this week is the piles of yarn that I have been surrounding myself with as I wind, organize and upload to Ravelry all the fiber that I "get" to knit with.

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