Friday, May 29, 2015

Art in Progress: Flora Bowley

I think I stumbled upon this video of Flora Bowley painting on Pinterest (of course!) and just loved all her methods of mark making- especially when she uses her fingers!

Flora Bowley ~ Brave Intuitive Painting from Zipporah on Vimeo.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial weekend making

My goal to have most of the living room painted was sort-of met. The brush that I was using for edging broke so I still have some touch-ups to do and an entire wall still needs a second coat. Thankfully said wall is behind a sofa, bookcase and artwork so no one could tell!

Friday night was spent watching Dr. Who on the porch by the fire. My kind of date!

Rachel Loewens: Memorial Weekend Making

The Grammy's took turn watching the kiddos so I had plenty of time to clean the house and prep food for Monday night. 

Rachel Loewens: Memorial Weekend Making

We make foil-pack dinners on the fire so most of my work is chopping all the veggies!

All week long it looked as though it would rain, but thankfully the storm did not roll in until after the evening was over. Each year I try to prepare only enough food for the night so I won't have to deal with leftovers and each year I fail. Guess what? This year was no exception!

We don't usually each meat but we had quite a bit left so I made a huge batch of beef curry which easily used up ALL the leftovers! 

Rachel Loewens: Memorial Weekend Making

And here's a little peek into what I was sketching on the porch!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What I'm Painting: Walls and Watercolors

This past week I've been occupied with the oh-so-fun task of painting the living room. My goal was to get it done by Memorial Day, and it looks like I might get it done with a few days to spare. 

Progress has been slightly hindered the high ceiling on half of the room, but I borrowed my mom's ladder so I should be good to go from now on.

Rachel Loewens What I'm Painting: Walls and Watercolors

And as great as the crisp white walls look, it will be nice to have my paintings back up!

Rachel Loewens What I'm Painting: Walls and Watercolors

 My kiddos paint with watercolors everyday and I've been feeling a little jealous since all of naptime/maketime has been devoted to wall painting for over a week now.  
I started painting shapes that I have been drawing for awhile and then starting to play a bit more. 

Rachel Loewens What I'm Painting: Walls and Watercolors

The design on the bottom middle seemed sort of botanical so I tried it out in warm colors.

Rachel Loewens What I'm Painting: Walls and Watercolors

And then I just had sort of a doodle page. Who says sketches have to "be" something!

Rachel Loewens What I'm Painting: Walls and Watercolors

Monday, May 11, 2015

Race day report

This past Saturday was my husband's race at Platte. After having such a relaxing time their last week, I made sure to be there for race day.

A UP employee/friend of ours told me that technically putting coins on railroads is illegal since the lines are private property...

but I had some change in my bag and just couldn't resist. Sorry for setting such a bad example for all of my young, impressionable blog readers!!

Since the race was four hours long I seized the opportunity to explore more of the park. Because of all of the rain we've had in Nebraska lately it was sometimes hard to know if a path was a real trail or just an area that was washed out. 

My little ones always like it if I can find some snail shells for them, but the only ones I found were "occupied". At least I scored a turkey feather!

As for the actual race, my husband placed fourth with is really impressive because he was riding a cross bike for a mountain bike race. Trust me, this matters!

Oh, and one last thing! Today is our sixth wedding anniversary so happy anniversary Trav!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Friday night foraging finds

My husband has an upcoming bike race at Platte River State Park and was needing to head out there for a few practice laps before the big day. Being in desperate need of some solitude and fresh air, I quickly volunteered to go with him.

I really love how you can still see some of the original art on the coins even after the train flattened them. Also, they remind me of some of the forms that I like to experiment with.

I'll keep changing up this arrangement until it feels a little more right. If I don't get this glued down by 4pm today my daughter will probably take a few of these items for her own collections so I had better get to work!