Monday, August 22, 2011

coupon organization- my method

When I became pregant with our little one just over a year ago, my husband and I began to envision living life on only one income. We knew that we could do it, but there would be some changes that would need to take place. A woman in our small group at church was a major coupon queen and was always encouraging us soon-to-be-moms to learn the craft.

Fast forward less than a year later, and I have comfortably encorporated couponing (say that five times fast!) into my weekly routine. After getting over the initial high of saving so much money on a weekly basis, I fell into a sort of slum. I didn't stop the clipping and saving, but it became quite the drag. I think that a big part of that was due to the way that I was organizing all my coupons.

Using a coupon binder seemed to be a very popular method so I gave it a try (Collin at Hip2Save shows how this method works here and here). Sure enough, finding the coupons I needed was very easy, but it took a lot of time to stuff the coupons in each slot and I would rather spend my evenings knitting or sketching instead of sorting coupons. Then, one day while I moving my studio space into the basement, I found an old index-card holder from high school and thought that it would do just the trick!

I can sort them quickly, and it is oh so easy-peasy to find the ones I need!