Saturday, November 19, 2011

What to knit next...

I haven't been knitting for the past few weeks (due to my arthritis flairing up), and I'm anxious to have something on the needles. A hat seems to be the most logical choice with the temperatures dropping each day.

This then leads to the hard part. Which yarn in my stash do I use?

My first inclination was to use my ever-so-lovely Araucania Itata Multy to whip up a beret or tam.

It only took about two minutes for me to find several options over at Ravelry.

knitting berets

But then I realized that it might be more practical to use a "warmer" yarn. 

Not to mention that you just can't go wrong with Kureyon! Again, with the pattern search finder, I had multiple options in no time.

knit berets Ravelry
(Winter SlouchBad Hair DaySandra's Slouchy Beret and Kudo Slouchy Tam)

Stay tuned to see which pattern I cast on!