Monday, November 7, 2011

Week in review

So, it has been a crazy (but fun-filled) week for me which unfortunately meant no blog posts for awhile. So sorry!! Here's a little peak into what I've been up to:

Every since I saw this windchime from wine bottles, I immediately knew that I had to make it.

I have plently of empty, label-free wine bottles (thanks to having a husband who makes wine) so the real challenge was to cut the bottles. Having looked at multiple tutorials from various blogs and YouTube, I thought that I was ready for the challenge. I was wrong.

So, my first attempt was an obvious DIY fail, but I am not going to let this discourage me from trying again. Christmas is just around the corner and I have several family members who would love this for their gardens. (BTW, photographing glass is no easy feat!)

Next up is my cycling-inspired painting for my brother-in law. I did go ahead and use the first thumbnail for the layout and am pretty pleased with how it is turning out. 

I do have some touch-ups to finish but nothing too major.

Hope you all are making progress on your Christmas present projects!!