Monday, June 1, 2015

What I'm Making: a naptime collage

Rachel Loewens: nap time collage

I really needed to make something. I mean, REALLY needed to make something. As much as I love having my living room painted, the loss of making time over the past two weeks was really taking a toll on me. 

Rachel Loewens: nap time collage

Past experience has taught me that one of the easiest ways to get back in the creative mood is to piece some collages. There is something rather meditative about cutting up paper and you can always glue over the parts you don't like. For example, I thought for a little bit that the piece was complete as it was below. 

Rachel Loewens: nap time collage (attempt #1)

But then I thought that the proportions were a bit off so with a little bit of tweaking I ended up with this! 

Rachel Loewens: nap time collage

I wish I would have used a gel medium  instead of a fluid medium so the wrinkles wouldn't have been so bad. Live and learn!