Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Off the needles: UILI #2

UILI project #2 is done! I had some Malabrigo sock yarn left over from a shawl I knit for myself and decided to use it to make a mini shawl for my little girl (almost two years old now!). 

I chose the Light and Up by Caroline Wiens for a few reasons. 

(1) The center increases are done with either a M1L or a M1R stitch which means no holes like a YO increase will give you.


(2) The YO lace border is pretty but simple enough for a toddler to pull off.

(3) I could easily make a small version of this pattern without having to do lots of calculations.

AJ is pretty pleased with her new "less" (think necklace), and I'm pretty to have my second project done! How are your knitting/ creative resolutions coming along?