Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sunshine Award

Bella from Art Club Blog nominated me for a Sunshine Award, and I can't begin to say how much this means to me! Please stop by her blog and see what she is working on as well as take a peek at the other artist's work that she features!

If you have been nominated and would like to accept this award, here is what you do:
* link the award to the person who gave it to you
* answer the questions that came with it
* pass it along to other bloggers and let them know they have received it

Share answers to the following questions:
* favorite color
*favorite animal
*favorite number
*favorite non-alcoholic drink
*Facebook or Twitter
* greatest passion
* favorite day of the week
*favorite flower

Here are my answers:
*changes all the time but for now it is turquoise
*don't really have one but for now it is 24 because my son is due the 24th of July and I can't wait to meet him
*vanilla milkshake
*being a wife and mother
*Sunday (love resting with my family)
*lillies and orchids (sorry, I can't pick just one!)

and here are some blogs that I would like to nominate:
Mangle prints
Oh, what a world, what a world
Jezze prints
Melly Sews
Daisy Yellow