Thursday, June 14, 2012

In my studio... upping my skills!

So now that I am kinda-sorta getting an idea of how basic (no zippers or buttons) tops are constructed, my thrift store shopping trips have completely changed. Instead of seeing clothes just as they are, I see fabric that can be turned into something else.

Case in point, this top was originally a yoga-style skirt for a pre-teen girl. Now it is a cute top/dress for my 15m daughter.

 I didn't even have to look up at any of the tutorials saved on my Pinterest boards to know how to modify it! 

About halfway through this project, I started to wonder if I should go back and "fix" some of my previous sewing blunders. It isn't that those clothes are falling of my daughter or anything, it is just that they are quite as neat as I would like them to be.

I decided against doing this because otherwise I will end up spending all of my time "upgrading" things I've already made instead of trying to make more complicated garments. Also, I like having a history of my sewing progress recorded in the garments themselves.

Until next time!