Thursday, June 7, 2012

In my studio... baby sling for JD

The nesting hormones have really taken over my life lately, and this time they "forced" me to make a baby sling for JD. :-)

I found this super easy-to-follow tutorial online (LOVE the fact that it helps you calculate what size to make based off of multiple measurements) and then some really pretty teal sheets from Goodwill for $1.

Since I want to be carry JD to and from the car during winter time in this sling, I decided to double layer it for warmth and thought that it would be fun to print the inside layer with my foam stick stamp

After printing the fabric and sewing it up, I realized that I made a fatal calculation in my pattern making. It was only half as wide as it was supposed to be. I drafted a new one and begun the process a second time. 

Thankfully, the second one went off without a hitch and is now waiting to be used once my little guy arrives!