Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial weekend making

My goal to have most of the living room painted was sort-of met. The brush that I was using for edging broke so I still have some touch-ups to do and an entire wall still needs a second coat. Thankfully said wall is behind a sofa, bookcase and artwork so no one could tell!

Friday night was spent watching Dr. Who on the porch by the fire. My kind of date!

Rachel Loewens: Memorial Weekend Making

The Grammy's took turn watching the kiddos so I had plenty of time to clean the house and prep food for Monday night. 

Rachel Loewens: Memorial Weekend Making

We make foil-pack dinners on the fire so most of my work is chopping all the veggies!

All week long it looked as though it would rain, but thankfully the storm did not roll in until after the evening was over. Each year I try to prepare only enough food for the night so I won't have to deal with leftovers and each year I fail. Guess what? This year was no exception!

We don't usually each meat but we had quite a bit left so I made a huge batch of beef curry which easily used up ALL the leftovers! 

Rachel Loewens: Memorial Weekend Making

And here's a little peek into what I was sketching on the porch!