Monday, February 27, 2012

Inspiration in other's work (pt. 1) my sketchbook

While in Denver last week, I had the chance to go explore the Denver Art Museum. With two buildings chalk full of paintings, sculptures and installations, I definitely felt waves of inspiration hitting me!

Sketching the work of other artists is a great way to  think about incorporating different mediums, lines, colors and forms in your own work. 

And since I was out of town, I had very limited drawing supplies with me (a sketchbook and a pen). This meant that there was no way for me to capture an exact replica of pieces, which really isn't the point anyway!

Also, drawing in ink was not allowed so I had to be fast before I got "caught" by anyone! Oops!

My goal was to render the gestalt of each piece so that at a later date, I could go back and add my own touch to each piece.


 This is also a way to make museum trips more exciting and memorable for the kiddos. I've got a few other sketches to work on, and I'll try to have them posted later this week!

(The original artwork was from the Robert Motherwell collection on display through May 27th)