Monday, August 18, 2014

What I'm Making: Stamp Carving

One of the items on my creative bucket list was to learn how to design and carve quarter repeat stamps (stamps that you can turn around to create repeating patterns).

Julie Balzer is the absolute queen of carving patterned stamps in my book so I figured that I would turn to her book to learn.

I skipped over most of the exercises and went right for the projects I wanted to do! The major downside of this was that I did not posses the confidence to draw my designs right onto the block but had to sketch them out on graph paper first. 

AJ was the first one to test out my stamp and gave it a multi-colored thumbs up!

I got my turn soon enough and made a card and some wrapping paper.

I love both the designing and carving aspects of this craft. The only downside is that I can't do the carving while any of my kiddos are awake because they always want to "help" Mamma. :-)